Consulting Services

Consulting Services

This Is A Professional Consulting Services Business.

Below you will find a description of consulting services. Please take a few minutes to review the content. If you discover this service to be helpful and meet your needs, we can schedule a 30 – minute complimentary phone consultation.

The purpose of the call is to listen to your needs and better understand your goals. Once the call is complete, we should have the information we need to proceed.

The consulting services are designed to effectively, efficiently, and expediently exceed your business goals and achieve a maximum ROI.

What To Expect:

Every business has different needs depending on the stage of their lifecycle. Most companies that employ our service need a substantial time commitment due to the workload in front of us. There are a few ways we typically charge for our services. Depending on your needs, we charge hourly, weekly, monthly, and annually.

Disclosure Statement:

We don’t do anything AVERAGE. We love building unique and memorable brands. It’s what we do best. We’re interested in working with people aiming to achieve greatness. If this sounds like you, we’re off to a great start!

Menu of Services

  • Brand Development

What goes into building a brand?

Name selection, domain name acquisition, visual identity (graphic art, brand designer, website design, color palette, etc.)

Building a memorable brand consists of more than a visual appearance. Creating a consumer brand experience is paramount. We help develop a brand strategy that communicates the brand message to its target market. We help build a loyal brand following and convert consumers into brand ambassadors and influence marketers. 

  • Website Design

Every business needs a great performing website. 

We know how to build effective, search engine discoverable, fast, user-friendly, and mobile-friendly sites that drive traffic. 99% of barbershop and salon websites are poorly developed and create digital clutter. We’ll build a website for your business that penetrates the digital noise and skyrockets you to the top of the results.

There’s a reason you found this website. It’s most likely because we built it ourselves. We focused on search engine optimization and building a fast, responsive website. To test our site’s speed and compare it to yours, go to GTmetrix & Pingdom to compare your site and your competitor’s website to see who’s blazing fast.

Barbershop Consultant is about as fast as a website can be. Especially, since we’re utilizing a shared hosting provider Bluehost and a free customizable lightweight wordpress theme.

  • Business Conceptualization 

Your business won’t achieve greatness without a thoughtful concept.

We’ll help develop the business design layout. This consists of many elements. It connects the visual elements to the structural and operational components of the business. All of these variables work in unison to create the brand experience. 

  • Sales Model Design

Sales are the lifeblood of your business and we can show you how to generate sales.

We’ll create an innovative sales strategy that promotes growth and creates opportunities.  

  • Marketing Strategy

Stay ahead of curve with advanced marketing knowledge.

Marketing techniques are evolving faster than ever. We’re able to create a multi-layered marketing strategy that will quickly separate you from the competition. 

Adrian Jackson is Google Analytics and Google Ads Certified. We know how to launch a targeted campaign and interpret the data associated with analytics. 

  • Hiring, Training, Recruitment, and Retention

Focus on the artistry of relationship building and personal development.

The barbershop and salon business thrives on the success of the service providers. We’ll help create a healthy structure for team members. We’ll educate from the top down to create a knowledgeable and professional group of industry experts. We’ll show new and creative ways of creating a culture of ownership, excellence, and accountability. 

We can provide advanced courses, in house, to further enhance the service providers’ skill set. This includes demonstrating advanced cutting techniques, the proper and thorough approach to client consultation, and how to effortlessly and painlessly present additional products and services to generate additional revenue. 

  • Comparative Analysis

Do you have a concept or an idea for a barbershop business? Is there a competitor’s business getting results and you’re not?

Since the launch of this consulting business, we’ve received hundreds of calls from people around the world looking for answers. We have the answers because we’ve dealt with a vast number of businesses.

Example 1:

Preparing for a new business launch, and you have projected sales numbers. 

We’ll review your plan, and take a close look at your projections. We’ll give you real-world feedback so you can be better prepared for launch. 

Example 2:

Bob’s Barbershop down the street is growing fast. You’re wondering how Bob’s is doing so much business and why your business seems to be struggling. 

We’ll take a close look at both businesses. We’ll conduct a competitive analysis and give you the information you need to adjust. We can implement the changes for you and alleviate all the stress associated with the process.

  • Real Estate Acquisition

Commercial site selection is one of the most important elements of starting a new business. With 16 years of corporate real estate experience, we possess the knowledge and experience to assist in the procurement of the perfect retail space for your business. 

  • Equipment Purchasing 

We receive a lot of calls from individuals wondering which equipment they should purchase for their new business. We’ve helped many new and existing companies outfit their business with the right equipment. We have contacts and resources to get the best pricing and best quality products. Whether you’re shopping for vintage equipment or ultra-modern, we can help.



The hourly rate is $250


The daily rate is $1000


Weekly rate is $5000


The monthly rate is $15K


The daily rate is $150K
Except New York, California, Hawaii, Massachusetts Washington, D.C., Miami, Florida


All fees and rates are subject to change and negotiation depending on each situation.