Business Consultant

Adrian Jackson

Business Consultant

Building A Barbershop Business Isn't As Easy As Turning The OPEN Sign ON.

The fact is, 90% of businesses don’t succeed. There are hundreds of reasons businesses fail. However, there are typically a few primary reasons a new or existing business won’t survive the first few years.

An experienced business consultant can guide you through the ownership process and overcome obstacles that often cripple most salons and barbershop businesses. A qualified business consultant has the ability to analyze your current business or new business concept and provide valuable insight. It’s usually the difference between success and failure.

I’ve helped many businesses and business owners launch new companies. I’ve helped struggling businesses turnaround and begin a new upwardly direction.

I specialize in building brands and fixing businesses that start on the wrong track.

If you’re considering starting a salon or barbershop business, consult with a professional first.