Barbershop Consultant

barbershop consultant

If you’re considering launching a barbershop business, or you currently have a business that’s not achieving the results you’d imagined, contact professional barbershop consultant, Adrian Jackson.

Adrian started helping barbershop business owners when a friend and professional barber began describing a list of issues she was experiencing with her barbershop business. After three decades of operating a barbershop business, Eddie’s Barbershop needed some enhancements. The business was still conducting business as if it was 1975. Adrian thoroughly assessed the business processes and operating expenses. He concluded there were multiple areas they could improve.

Adrian recommended they port their business phone and landline number to their cell phone. The shop had a commercial grade coffee maker that wasn’t working properly. Eddie was buying multiple cups of expensive coffee every day. We easily repaired the coffee machine and eliminated wasted expenditures.

After 30 years of business, and servicing some of the area’s most prominent members of the community, Eddie’s accumulated several historical artifacts. The shop was a time capsule for barber equipment and the University of Tennessee sports memorabilia. Adrian suggested they utilize the collection to create a museum themed barbershop. Eddie’s received a much-needed facelift and shaved some wasted monies off their operating expenses. This gave the owners a motivational boost and a new outlook on the future.

The barbershop consultant business was born.